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Your Beer Show – The FIRST online live INTERACTIVE
TV show and network with YOU as a star!

Developed by eBroadcastTV (eBTV), Your Beer Show is the FIRST online weekly INTERACTIVE craft beer happy hour – streaming live from San Diego, California, to your devices at home or on the go. The entire Craft Beer channel – our live, (mostly) unscripted television show, videos and web content – feature brewers, experts and beer fans from around the world – combining entertainment with education.

Transforming Television

In a world’s first, using new technology, eBroadcast TV allows YOU to own a piece of YOUR BEER SHOW – all 48 weekly segments. You’ll be able to talk LIVE with celebs and other experts – asking them anything (even their secrets). You’ll determine the direction each show takes. The first half of each stand-alone show is funny, educational, and timely with interesting current events. Watch it’s soap-opera like back story. For the second half, YOU’RE at the virtual bar, on screen and in control!


Shows are as interactive as talking face-to-face, and just as spontaneous – produced with a focus on relevancy (keeping the crazy spammers from ruining it!). YOUR BEER SHOW hits three of the hottest markets right now – media, food/alcohol and tech. The scripted parts use first-rate producers and talent. The second part is up to the audience.  Here’s a chance to laugh, be entertained and learn something new.

This hybrid format will establish eBroadcastTV as the leader in online television – while developing a young team to carry on – and greatly enhance – the vision of our first baby boomer co-founders. Alzheimer’s, YOUR WEED SHOW, and Diabetes are possible examples of the 20 channels we anticipate our experienced, award-winning team will build in 3-5 years, leading to acquisition.

Why will this work?

  • eBTV is positioned to be the first to deliver live, face-to-face, audience interactive television.
  • Each show has time devoted to audience interactivity via new VIDEO BROADCAST technology
  • Spontaneous, authentic viewer involvement creates REAL, unscripted, accurate library content
  • According to Huffington Post, “98 Percent of American Users Distrust the Information They Find on the Internet”. The accuracy of eBTV channel content fixes that problem.
  • Online neighborhoods sharing wants, needs, and interests create loyal followers and comraderies
  • New PRODUCTION technology utilizes top talent while lowering production costs
  • Co-founders have media success in elearning, live internet radio and television production
  • All of this does to TV what email did to mail

Awesome Talent Behind the Shows, Channels and Supporting Communities

Jesse Wacht
Co-Founder, CEO, Executive Producer

After GE Retail Systems (software), and Storis, he gravitated toward eMedia. He co-founded MentorU to develop eLearning systems. His live, internet-based radio for eBay and KPMG preceded eBroadcastTV.


Chris Cashman
Production Co-Founder, Live Show Producer-Director

Producer of feature films, TV talk shows, short films, music videos and commercials. Wrote, produced and directed the award winning films “Club Frontera,” “Carts,”​ “Revelations”​ and “Goofyfoot.”


Brendan McCourt
Production Co-Founder, Technical Producer-Director

Over a decade of marketing experience combined with 15 years behind a camera enable Brendan to craft videos that tell your unique story while engaging and mobilizing your audience. He’s produced live broadcasts, promo videos & infomercials, on-location interview packages and in-studio talk shows for clients including FOX Sports San Diego, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Tony Robbins and Jordan Belfort.


Bill Corkery
Production Co-Founder, Chief Audiophile/Sound Engineer

Working from both sides of the mic, Bill has produced sound for CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN and the BBC – earning an Emmy and a Silver Microphone. He built and runs one of San Diego’s busiest sound studios.


Jack Hummer
IT Co-Founder, Master of All Things Digital

IT Director for GE Retail Systems, Seaman’s Furniture and MentorU. Developer/manager of eLearning for Banfield Pet Hospitals and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (over 450 hospitals).


Nancy Roebke
Social Media Goddess and Co-Founder

Skilled in community building, networking and social media applications, she’s known for her edits of the boring, bland or dull. A seasoned guide with wit, humor and heart for each web community.


“There has to be this pioneer, the individual who has the courage, the ambition to overcome the obstacles that always develop when one tries to do something worthwhile, especially when it is new and different.”

– Alfred P. Sloan – Long-time President, chairman and CEO of General Motors Corporation



You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers – Our Version of a FAQ

  • So you’re a broadcast network, just like the ones we see on TV – ABC, NBC, CBS, etc?

    Yes, only online (and on the go) instead of via a television set.
  • And your network has different channels like TV does?

    Yes. Currently we’re working on both a craft beer and Alzheimer’s channel. (How diversified is THAT!) We also expect to build 21 other channels in 3-5 years – medical channels, business channels, lifestyle and sports, too. Just like TV does. Except online and on the go.
  • What kind of stuff can I expect to see on each channel?

    Each channel will have 48 live weekly shows. Each show will have a host or two. You’ll see a cast of field reporters, bringing stories from each community. It’ll also have experts (each with their own take on that show’s topic) – sharing their sage advice and info. Using craft beer as an example, a single show’s topic could be on what makes a “good IPA” craft beer. One expert may prefer a hoppy IPA. The other, a “Triple IPA” – for it’s robustness. That’s just one example of entertaining, educational and fun (tasting) segments. For those trying to discover the craft beers that they like, it can be a downright serious question, too.

    There’s no doubt that, when it comes to the topic of Alzheimer’s, lots of the shows will be awfully serious. eBTV is actively involved with the Alzheimer’s Association researching this show’s pilot. Shows will talk about new research and treatment, ways to cope with the disease, and help for caregivers. Caregivers may find it useful to tune in to this show, while juggling the needs of those they care for. Our resources will be very helpful to them.
  • So I’ll watch this live show, and listen to the so-called “experts”. Then what?

    Then, it gets random. The show is opened up to you, the audience, where anything can, will and does happen. The audience comes face-to-face with the experts, and takes over the direction of the show by the questions they ask and the information they question.
  • How does the audience get that kind of face-to-face action?

    Through new VIDEO BROADCAST technology. The shows are designed so there’s interactivity resulting in A LOT of authentic, spontaneous, and at some points (in the case of Alzheimer’s), gut-wrenching interaction. But it all NEEDS to be that way so people get accurate, timely help in areas that are important to them. And sure – the level of importance will vary from topic to topic. But the quality of the content for each show, will remain consistently targeted, current and useful.
  • Why will people attend live shows via the Internet?

    For the same reason why they want to look someone in the eye. People don’t believe a lot of the information they get off the internet. They do believe exchanges they have between others that think like they think, want what they want, and have answers that they don’t have. People they RELATE to. Anyone can be perfect in a scripted environment. The true experts shine when given the chance to interact directly and spontaneous.
  • So that’s a channel. Those 48 shows?

    No, that’s PART of a channel. The channel will also have all of the shows’ content stored online in a place where it’s available 24/7 for review, re-play and reinforcement. It’ll be easily searchable. And it’ll be constantly updated as new shows air.
  • So THAT’S a channel. Those 48 shows and that searchable content?

    Not quite. There’s still one more component that’s REALLY, REALLY important. That’s the online neighborhoods that will grow through eBTV-owned community websites and email campaigns, along with social media outlets. This component will bring like-minded people together to offer support, experiences and additional help.

    For Your Beer Show, this would be where you’d submit reviews of beers, your favorite breweries, segments you’d like to see, and games we should be playing. We expect some “experts” will stay within these moderated neighborhoods to offer more info to their followers. And we expect this will become a vital part of each channel.
  • How will you stop disruptive spammers from calling in to the live show?

    The key is relevant screening and a sign in system.

eBTV’s fan-owned network is positioned to be the first to deliver live, face-to-face, audience interactive television.

We’re up for this task.

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