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Invest in the first fan-owned 4D network

The first fan-owned 4D television network creates a new genre of entertainment – and you can own a piece of it


YOU can now be a part of the team that produces live, interactive online weekly television shows. Brought to you by eBroadcastTV, using breakthrough broadcast technology, those shows create jobs & fulfill the need for socialTV. Experience the fourth dimension (4D) where remote audience members, hosts & guests (even you) come face-to-face live on screen.

Our first show under production is “Your Beer Show”, a craft beer show for millennials. The pilot has been shot and is funny, informative, and even surprising in spots. Experienced executive producers, technical crew & on-screen talent will create live, interactive & improvised shows similar to what you see in the pilot. And with input from viewers, the shows will go wherever sent.

We aim to be the first fan-owned TV network. We can do that with you as a supportive fan.

Get your piece of this . Learn more at Wefunder, an SEC approved investment portal at: www.wefunder.com/ebroadcasttv  (It’d probably be good to go before they announce it to their 174,000 registered investors.)