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What we do

It’s been said that it takes A LONG TIME to become an overnight success. We can attest to that. eBroadcast TV has been an R&D project for almost three years – developing and testing  software and supporting technology that will change television – and YOU will be that change.

We’re ready to go beyond chat or other forms of so-called interactivity, and put you live, face-to-face, and in control – leveraging the needed talent of young producers, writers and on-screen talent – as you’ll see in the pilot episode of YOUR BEER SHOW. (We anticipate 20 more channels like this – all manned by expert talent. The jobs created here are many!)

Like the cast says – “We should have a CASE of beer!”

Every great show has an awesome cast. We’ve got the best! Meet them all, and see their introduction to craft beer…. (get ready to LAUGH!)

In May 2016 it became legal for small investors to actually get more than just incentives or prizes for funding companies (like on Kickstarter ). They could actually buy stock in startup and early stage companies that want to be the next Facebook, Uber or emerging new products and services. If you love what you see, you can own a piece of this company. For more information go to: www.wefunder.com/ebroadcasttv

There’s a great reason why you may want to do that. We’ve done what’s not been done before – face-to-face audience INTERACTIVITY – streaming live from San Diego, California, to your devices at home or on the go.

Watch as Joe Nunez (this week’s celebrity guest) and two virtual audience members go live and face-to-face!

Here’s our guest expert for this show. Don’t miss the commercials! Hysterical!

Beer pong like we’ve never seen it before – “Golden Showers” and all!

Go with us to the pier on a bright, sunny day for San Diego Brewers Guild Festival.

Your Beer Show out!