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Time for a game! This one’s called “Best Brewery”.

The winning brewery gets a feature spot on an upcoming episode of Your Beer Show! And one person from all entries each week, will win a “Your Beer Show” t-shirt – as seen in the videos done for the brewery by eBTV. That’s Mark wearing one right there. (NICE!)

How do you win?

The “Best Brewery” will be the one that has the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of their Facebook followers who follow “Your Beer Show”  (https://www.facebook.com/yourbeershow/) AND post a picture on that page with an explanation of why their brewer should win. EASY! Follow Your Beer Show, post a picture, and tell us why your brewery’s the best. Maybe get others to help your brewery win by doing the same things.

T-shirt winners will be selected from everyone who sends us a message below about their brewery. Funny? Sweet? A testimonial for the ages? Whatever you want. Our panel of esteemed judges will pick the winners! And we’ll send out those t-shirts to wear proudly at your next stop in to your favorite brewery!

So get snapping those pictures, following Your Beer Show (https://www.facebook.com/yourbeershow/) and vying for those