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17 Craft Beer Predictions for 2017

17 Craft Beer Predictions for 2017

Are you into predictions? Some are, some aren’t. It’s sometimes interesting to see what people working in the industry think will happen over the course of a year. Rob Burns, one of the founders of Everett’s Night Shift Brewing and president of the Massachusetts Brewers Guild, had 17 things he had thoughts on. Here they are:

  1. Consumers will have an epic year
  2. Lines will fade
  3. Brewery closings
  4. More distribution companies will launch
  5. Growlers will die
  6. Paralysis will shift consumer choice
  7. Freshness
  8. Outside influence
  9. Even more attention
  10. Session beer
  11. Too many hops
  12. Fruited IPAs
  13. Back to basics
  14. Juicy
  15. Small brewers band together
  16. Taprooms will boom
  17. Trump

To see what he thinks will happen under each of these headings, read more at bostinno.streetwise.co.

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