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Beer Plus Yoga Equals Beer Yoga

Beer Plus Yoga Equals Beer Yoga

Photo via Mashable

If you follow the Facebook page of YourBeerShow, you may have seen a post we made there a bit ago, about how yoga plus craft beer was trending. The thought was – after a nice, relaxing workout, it was time for a nice, relaxing brew. Smart breweries were setting up space for yoga classes, knowing that ladies tend to do the yoga thing. Guys gravitate to craft beers. Here was a chance for breweries to tap into a new-ish market (ladies), and keep the guys happy with the brews, and new faces.

Beer yoga has quickly evolved.

Both yoga and beer have something important in common – they’re both considered centuries-old therapies for mind, body and soul. The benefits of both can now be found in one place. Relaxing,  health-improving yoga classes have been started that INCLUDE the brew. That’s right. You’re in deep meditation, or repeating a mantra, or maybe your hands and fingers are held in a mudra – around a nice cold one. Your beer’s with you. It’s part of you – certainly an important part of your session.

We don’t have credible proof that this was actually invented in Germany, but Germany’s BierYoga A.K.A BeerYoga, bills itself as the “marriage of two great loves – beer and yoga”. We know FOR SURE it’s made it’s way to Australia

The photos we’ve found of this are inspiring.

So our question is – what breweries will add this to their “menu” here in the good ‘ol USA? We hope every one of them. OK, that’s ambitious. How about you give us a shout out if a brewery where you are has this going on? We wanna know. It’d be great to make of list of them here so others can share in the benefits of yoga combined with beer.


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