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Brooklyn Brewery Doing Green

Brooklyn Brewery Doing Green

Brooklyn Brewery’s been doing “green” for more than two and a half decades. Starting in 1991 when they recycled and upcycled old pallets and used shrink wrap, through multiple initiatives in 2016, and lots of steps in between. The following happened in 2016 in the Tasting Room alone (with other updates to it in 2011, 12, 13 1nd 15):

  • Converted all lighting to LEDs to reduce energy usage.
  • All plant-based disposable cups are separated from landfull waste and recycled for energy reclamation.
  • Reusable pallet wraps have been implemented for beer transfers between the Tasting Room and warehouse, saving 9,152 feet of plastic wrap each year.

To quote their approach to sustainability:

The Brooklyn Brewery has always worked to maintain a high standard of sustainability in all areas of our company. As an urban brewery located in a repurposed building, we have a host of unique challenges and opportunities to consider as we strive to be green. In 2013, we formalized our efforts by founding a Green Team, bringing together representatives from each department to coordinate on new initiatives. Through intensive internal benchmarking and metrics tracking, we’ve already met many of our goals and continue to improve.”

Impressive to us here at Your Beer Show, is that in 2016 they partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to offset 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide with roughly 375 acres worth of CO²-converting trees planted in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Their contribution offsets the carbon emitted by their Williamsburg operations – the electricity and natural gas needed to produce 126,000 cases of 12oz bottles and 76,000 1/2 barrel kegs each year.


You can read more about how they greened up their offices, warehouse and even their beer at their website. Are any of the things they did possible at YOUR site? Tell us about your green efforts in the comment area below. We’d truly love to hear.


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