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This Toilet Paper Holder Will Hold Your Toilet Beer

This Toilet Paper Holder Will Hold Your Toilet Beer

via Supercall by Laura Reilly

We’ve all been there: You’re enjoying a nice adult beverage when, suddenly, nature calls. Do you set your drink down and hope it doesn’t get mistakenly finished or thrown out? No, of course not. You take it with you. But where do you set it while you’re doing your business? The top of the toilet is too sloped, the sink ledge is much too precarious and the floor is just plain gross. We’re happy to announce that the struggle is over, thanks to one savvy Etsy designer.

Etsy user SOLIDink3D is selling a His and Hers Toilet Paper Holder, which transforms an everyday toilet paper holder into a beer and wine and toilet paper holder.

The 3D-printed holder, which sells for $20 and comes in blue, white or black, can be screwed into the wall for permanent toilet-drinking. But if a toilet-side booze holder is not enough for your bathroom imbibing, the shop also sells suction-cup shower beer caddies ($14), as well as wine glass holders for the bathtub ($12).

The shop also offers drink-holding solutions for those who venture outdoors. There’s the double cup holder ($15) attached to a stake for beach, picnic and campsite drinking, as well as a beer-holder to attach to your lawnmower ($13).

Move over shower beers and bathtime cocktails, toilet drinking is the new hip thing. And we can’t wait to see what SOLIDink3D has in store for the European market. Bidet booze, anyone?

photo via SOLIDink3D


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