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Growler Chill May Be Your Beer’s Best Friend

Growler Chill May Be Your Beer’s Best Friend

After raising $428,159 in a Kickstarter program (pretty good, since they were originally looking for $175,000), Penguin Tap’s Growler Chill is ready for counter space in your kitchen. Or your den. Or your Man Cave.

Penguin Tap says:

“We believe craft beer lovers everywhere deserve to drink happy beer.

Our mission is to ensure craft beer enthusiasts can get the most out of their own personal discovery and exploration of fresh, flavorful brews that taste just as the brewer intended. At the core of our vision is a commitment to supporting the craftsmanship of local breweries and the drink local movement by helping them sell more beer.

We do this by offering a product that is purposeful, simple to use, and beautifully crafted.”

This cool, patented appliance, which took 2 years to design, stores 32 and 64 ounce glass growlers, usually purchased from your favorite breweries and bars. It creates keg conditions, so the life of your beer is extended by weeks after opening.

It does this by keeping your beer:

COLD – Growler Chill is a refrigerated unit. You can adjust the inside temperate from 38° F – 54° F. The unit plugs into a standard 120 Volt outlet and due to the well insulated and compact chill chamber design, Growler Chill is highly energy efficient.

DARK – When light strikes beer, the beer can become skunked – affecting both flavor and aroma. Growler Chill’s enclosed refrigeration unit is completely dark, protecting your beer from light at all times.

FREE FROM OXYGEN – Our patented Virginator purges the oxygen in the headspace of your growler with CO2 before you insert the growler inside the device. This prevents oxygen from creating off flavors in your beer before you have a chance to enjoy it.

CARBONATED – Growler Chill uses an internal 90 gram beverage grade CO2 cartridge to preserve and serve your growlers. The device also has an alternate port on the back for those who wish to use their own external CO2 source. This preserves the freshness of each pour for weeks after opening.

The appliance even connects to a handy, dandy free mobile app, allowing you to control temperatures, check pressure, and track how much beer you have left before “OMFG, we’re OUT!” sets in.

The company’s vision seemed well targeted. Brewers Association estimates there to be 41 million craft beer drinkers in the U.S. alone, and growing daily. And the fact that that they want to advance local breweries, and the “drink local” movement, by helping them sell more beer, doesn’t hurt either.

Did you get one yet? What’d you think of it? Was it worth the great hype it got? We’re dying to know, so share your reviews in the comments below.

Photo via Growler Chill


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